518 Hours For Making This Futuristic Medieval Armor


My name is Melissa Ng and I’m a self-taught artist. I started exploring 3D modeling and 3D printing seriously back in 2014 and haven’t looked back. Since then, I’ve become obsessed with making intricately detailed fantasy mask and armor designs. One of my latest creations is the “Sovereign Armor,” which took over 518 hours to design and create (this does NOT include 3D printing hours). Oh, and it weighs only 8 lbs.

After making the “Dreamer Regalia” for actress Felicia Day, my next challenge was to create a practical and versatile Medieval-inspired fantasy armor for a woman (that would be more reasonable than the scantily clad bikini “armor” often seen in games, film, TV, etc.). The Sovereign Armor can be worn as one entire set or it can be divided into multiple outfits and can be worn by various model figures since it is flexible.

And while the Sovereign Armor is designed to be worn by a woman, the armor’s message is for everyone. I made this in honor of the creatives out there who know that, even though it’s empowering to be the ruler of your dreams and creations, you also know how incredibly lonely the journey can often be. The intricate patterns are meant to look like rolling waves while the fluting is meant to look like ripples.

I wanted the glowing LEDs to give the impression of magical and ethereal energy and symbolize the light of the creative. And the light of the creative is a beautiful and painful thing. Beautiful because it’s what inspires you to create. Painful because it’s always at risk of being snuffed out. But, as we all know, nothing worthwhile ever comes without pain and effort. I hope you enjoy my work!

Take a look at the Making of video of the 3D Printed Medieval-inspired Women’s Fantasy Sovereign Armor.

Click to WATCH: 518 Hours For Making This Futuristic Medieval Armor


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