Build A Portable Spray Paint Booth For Your Workshop


On the off chance that you do a ton of splash painting, this shrewd box configuration keeps over-shower from destroying your stuff, helps you evade dreadful paint vapor, and is as simple to bear as a folder case.In this video from youtuber DIY Tyler, you’ll figure out how to construct the valuable shower painting device yourself.

You’ll require some plywood, wood paste, and some essential equipment you can get at any huge box store. You’ll additionally require a container fan, and a 20x20x1 air channel like you’d ordinarily use for a house. When it’s altogether assembled, you can pop open the container, put your protest in the middle, turn on the fan, and paint without agonizing over-splash and awful exhaust. You can locate the total guidelines for the venture at the video underneath.

Click to WATCH: Build A Portable Spray Paint Booth For Your Workshop


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