Drawing Our World Entirely By Memory


Stephen Wiltshire is a craftsman who was determined to have extreme introvertedness when he was three years of age. In spite of the fact that he experienced issues verbally imparting, he wanted to draw—and had an astounding and intense memory for what he saw.

Stephen has transformed this into a profession as a design craftsman, with the unprecedented capacity to reproduce cityscapes in mind blowing point of interest altogether from memory. His gifts have taken him everywhere throughout the world, and his wonderful work is as great as his abilities.

Stephen’s capacity to make exact portrayals of urban areas, now and then in the wake of having just watched them for a concise timeframe, has flabbergasted individuals everywhere throughout the world. So far he has done drawings of goals like Mexico City, Istanbul, London, Tokyo, Rome, Venice, Amsterdam, Moscow and New York.

Click to WATCH: Drawing Our World Entirely By Memory


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