Dying CIA Agent Makes Deathbed Confession: ‘I Shot John Lennon’


An ex-CIA agent has made a stunning deathbed confession that he shot and killed John Lennon as part of a government conspiracy to silence the Beatles’ singer.78 year old Arthur Wilkins has made the shock admission as he lays dying after being given just “a week or two” left to live by doctors.

According to the “official” narrative, Lennon was shot dead outside his New York home by “crazy” fan Mark Chapman, but Wilkins claims that he was the one that pulled the trigger and that Chapman was a patsy.

Dying CIA Agent Makes Deathbed Confession 'I Shot John Lennon'

“Chapman was programmed to take the blame for the shooting,” said Wilkins, “but they couldn’t train him to shoot well enough to guarantee a kill shot, so that’s where I came in.” “They brainwashed Chapman to believe that he was the one that shot him.”He’ll believe that he did it until the day he dies.”

Wilkins claims that Mr. Lennon was assassinated by US intelligence agencies due to his “radical politics” and influence over young American citizens.

“We saw Lennon as a foreigner who was trying to brainwash our people with a hippie agenda,” said Wilkins. “The Government saw him as a threat so he had to go.”Mr. Wilkins says he trained as an assassin with the CIA during the 1970s in war-torn Beirut.Claiming to have killed dozens of “bad guys,” Wilkins says that shooting Lennon was the “only mark” he had since come to regret.

Describing himself as a patriot, he says that he killed people “for the good of the nation” but says that he was led to kill Lennon under false pretenses and that his death was politically motivated, saying: “I killed people to protect the American people, but Lennon was empowering people, not threatening them.”That’s the real reason they wanted him dead.”

The US Government feared John Lennon’s influence over young American citizens

Speaking of the events surrounding the shooting, Mr. Wilkins described Chapman as being “like a robot” after being “programmed” by the CIA. “They programmed him under MkUltra for the whole thing.”My job was to observe and wait for the signal.”It was a long day as he had to wait for the right opportunity.”

Lennon had shown up earlier but there was this guy with a camera hanging around so couldn’t take the chance.”Chapman was given a .38 pistol with five blanks in it and told to fire at Lennon five times.”He thought they were real bullets though.

“They programmed him with a sequence which would start with him kneeling down before taking the shots.”After shooting the rounds off, he was meant to make himself comfortable and read his book while he waiting for the cops to arrive.”He was meant to tell the cops that he had shot him and that he acted alone.”

He did everything he was meant to do, like a robot.”The only problem was when Lennon arrived, he jumped out of the car quite quickly, and was in a bit of a rush.”Chapman knelt down which was my cue to shoot.”I was hung back, out of sight, with a .38 like Chapman, only mine had a suppressor.

“I only had five shots and it had to match Chapman’s five.”I took the shots, but he was moving quite quickly so I only manage to land four of them.”I waited for the cops to arrive to confirm that the operation was a success then I left.”There was no emotion about it at the time as I just did my part of the job.”

Mark Chapman was a patsy programmed to think he killed John Lennon, according to Wilkins

Wilkins says that he rarely gave the incident much thought until later in life when he started to see John Lennon as a hero and a voice of the people.

“I never got into any of that hippie nonsense back in the day,” he said, “but looking back now, I think Lennon was right and that’s why he was killed.””I’ve lived with the guilt for years but now I want to die in peace with a clear conscience.”

He now says he has “nothing to lose” after being given just a couple of weeks to live by doctors, and says he doesn’t fear repercussions following his shocking admission.So great was Lennon’s global status, that millions mourned his death, with a memorial service at New York’s Central Park attracting 100,000 people.

Mark Chapman, then aged 25, was sentenced to 20 years to life in jail after pleading to second-degree murder for shooting Lennon at the entrance to the Dakota apartment building in Manhattan in New York City on December 8, 1980.Chapman is currently serving time in solitary confinement at Wende Correctional Facility in Alden, New York,His next parole hearing is scheduled for August 2018.


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