Hunter Cuts Dog’s Tail With Pair Of Pliers While Laughing – Act Now!


The video of an out of control elderly man who cut a dog’s tail off using a pair of pliers has emerged on Facebook.

In the shocking video, the man, most likely a hunter, is spotted slowly approaching the dog, who is tied to a tree. The dog is docile and probably only wants to cuddle. But he would soon find out that the hunter had other plans in mind.

The attacker grabs a pair of pliers and, in just a matter of seconds, grabs the dog’s tail and cuts it off, as the defenseless animal howls in distress.

The entire scene was captured on video, as the camera guy can be heard laughing and giggling. The witness has no intention of intervening and is making the most of it taking great pleasure in the dog’s misery.

The hunter then parades the dog’s tail in front of the camera, before walking away like nothing was wrong. The badly wounded animal is left unattended as the two embark on another hunting journey.

The video caused considerable waves of shock and outrage on social media. Netizens went to work and discovered the identity of the perpetrators: the attacker is Kiro Dimitrov and his heartless buddy, the camera guy, is Sase Mileski. Both come from a small town near Skopje, Macedonia’s capital city.

Animal Mundi, a local animal welfare group, did everything in their power to expose the attackers. They reported the incident to the police and asked all the country’s major media outlets to cover the story.

Facing intense public pressure, the police finally gave in and started an investigation. But the result was nothing short of disappointing: in spite of the tremendous suffering caused to that innocent dog, the two monsters ended up walking away with a just a fine.

While Macedonia has been making progress in the animal welfare sector, it is clear reform needs to continue. The country is in dire need for tougher animal welfare laws.

The sentence applied in this case is nothing short of outrageous and the investigation only commenced in the first place due to public outrage. Otherwise, the incident might not have been investigated.

Please show your support for tougher animal protection laws in Macedonia. We, the undersigned, hereby ask the government to impose mandatory jail time against anyone convicted of animal mistreatment an vote in this provision as soon as possible.

This is the only way to discourage abusers from attacking innocent animals for glory and entertainment.

Many thanks for your support.

The hunter amuses himself as the dog howls in pain.

This is the appalling moment the coward cuts the dog’s tail with a pair of pliers.

The attacker’s friend films the entire scene, but does nothing to intervene.

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  1. The guy who abuses the dog AND the guy who is filming both need to have their penises removed with a pair of pliers! I’ll be glad to do it!


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