Man Flies Overseas To Meet Boy With The Same Rare Disability


For some people, being courageous and powerful is the one thing they’ve made to keep going in life. His family abandoned him since the so called Treacher Collins Syndrome (TCS) induced his cheekbones to evaporate and his eyes to drop. Fortunately for him, a girl adopted him and he is now someone who helps those in need.

When he decided to fulfill a little Australian boy who had exactly the same condition as him, a brand new friendship was born. The rest of the story will make you tearful.

Man Flies Overseas To Meet Boy With The Same Rare Disability11
source: metdaan

Ever since he was small, Jono Lancaster has devoted his life to helping people in need.

Jono wants to show everyone that with a disability isn’t something that should stop you from living your life to the fullest. Nowadays he visits hospitals and schools where he brings joy and hope to each of the children that are sick.

source: metdaan

In fact, that’s not the one thing he does.He is in an superb physical form, not allowing his infrequent disability stop him from living his fantasies. That is why he immediately booked a flight to Australia when he heard about Zackary Walton, who had the same condition.

Moreover, in addition, he travels the world, bungee jumps, cycles, and runs marathons. He’s in an excellent physical shape, not allowing his rare handicap stop him from living his dreams. That is why he immediately booked a trip to Australia when he learned about Zackary Walton, who had exactly the same condition as him.

source: metdaan

Lancaster shared this photo on the media, saying: “Today and over the next couple of days I get to hang out with this little dude and his amazing family in beautiful Adelaide.”

Man Flies Overseas To Meet Boy With The Same Rare Disability11
source: metdaan

The generous Jono spent the next few days revealing Zackary along with his family what is really important in life, that “life is worth living no matter what,” as he says.


  1. Never seen nor heard of this disease before. Very interesting, seems something could be done to correct this when the person is an adult. (no more growing) Implants or something could help correct the problem. Although it is a cosmetic problem from the looks of it, it doesn’t appear to be painful or pose any problems other than the cosmetic ones. But I say bravo kudos and well done to this man. He doesn’t let anything seem to stop him. I too have overcome a disability too, I lost my right leg 5 years ago and while I could have said I couldn’t or can’t do anything, after my surgery healed the first thing I did was I got up and started walking just as soon as I got the prosthetic leg mad. I will not let anything within reason of course slow me down or hold me back. People always offer to help me, and I always am polite, when I say thanks but, I’ve got it. and then I do it. People tell me all the time how they know of others younger than me who are in the same situation only having one leg, I just say I have 2 legs, it’s just one is in the bedroom or in the corner or wherever I put it at the time…lol I love making people’s jaws hit the floor when they see me hoping around and getting in and out of cars or chairs. I figured either I can feel sorry for myself and sit here and die or I can get my hump up and do it. So Nothing holds me back, I refuse to allow things to hold me back. If I want to do it, I will do it!.


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