Maximum Spread! OMEPRAZOLE – The Gastric Protector That Ends Your Health


Gastric acid can be a serious problem. People often tend to have gastric acid buildup and look for various treatments to help them. Doctors usually prescribe medicines and one of the most commonly used is called omeprazole.

Usually, after taking too many medicines or undergoing therapies, the good bacteria in our guts can get out of hand and we must keep our intestinal flora regulated, otherwise it can cause intestinal problems. Well, we’ve got bad news for the people who are taking this medication regularly because it’s a very harmful drug.

OMEPRAZOLE – The Gastric Protector That Ends Your Health

This drug actually limits our body’s ability to absorb vitamin B12 when you consume it for an extensive period of time. The deficiency of this vitamin can lead to:
– Depletion in our red blood cell count.
– Anemia.
– Depression.
– Anxiety.
– Neurological damage leading to degenerative ailments like dementia
– It can cause damage to our central nervous system.
– Omeprazole causes rapid loss of calcium in our bodies which cause a condition known as osteoporosis or brittle bone syndrome, where a person is prone to broken bones or fractures easily.
– A calcium shortage can cause muscle issues.
– It causes an increased risk of respiratory issues, such as shortness of breath, wheezing, difficulty breathing, hyperventilation, and congestion.
– Chronic fatigue caused by low red blood cells which are responsible for conveying oxygen throughout our body.

A study by the Kaiser Permanente Institute based in the United States of America researched the health dangers of omeprazole. They monitored over 26,000 test subjects every day and the subjects consumed various amounts of omeprazole within a period of two years.

The subjects that had consumed this medication were at risk of having vitamin B12 deficiency by as much as 65% when it compares to individuals that do not make use of the medication. We can conclude that omeprazole is indeed very harmful to our health and we should avoid using it as a gastric protector!


  1. So for me to believe your thoughts why would you not give a link to the study. Your article cant be ligit if you dont show some proof. You may just be wanting to give the med a bad rap. To be belived you would need to link the research or show copies of the findings. If not its just your opinion. Thanks tho, its something to check in to.

  2. So why have the doctors been changing everyone’s medicine in the uk anyone on omiprozle have had their needs changed over the last 6 months and it is no longer being prescribed on the NHS

  3. That is exactly what I have just discovered after an extensive exam by my doctor–with a lot of those above symptons she said that was causing my problems and now I see it is exactly what I have been experiencing. That stuff is BAD.


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