A Mother Disowned Her Son For Being Gay, So His Grandfather Responded With This…


After a mother disowned her son for being gay, his grandfather responded with a touching, impassioned letter.

Cases of disavowal by parents once their son or daughter comes out as gay occur much too often, leaving the child, no matter how old they are, feeling lost, abandoned, and hurt by the people their own family.

For “Chad,” the son of “Christine” in the letter below, his experience with this issue could have ended in the same way if it weren’t for his understanding grandfather.

The details of this incident are few and far between, but the picture painted by the grandfather shows that Chad, likely a teenager, came out to his mother, Christine, and she proceeded to throw the typical anti-gay responses at her own son and disown him.

Though a typical disavowal involves an entire family throwing out the relative that is gay and all turning their backs on them, Chad’s grandpa does the exact opposite.

Read below to see the grandfather’s touching and impassioned response to his daughter’s reaction.

The full message reads:

“Dear Christine:

I’m disappointed in you as a daughter. You’re correct that we have a “shame in the family”, but mistaken about what it is.

Kicking Chad out of your home simply because he told you he was gay is the real “abomination” here. A parent disowning her child is what goes “against nature”.

The only intelligent thing I heard you saying in all this was that “you didn’t raise your son to be gay”.Of course you didn’t. He was born this way and didn’t choose it any more than he being left-handed. You however, have made a choice of being hurtful, narrow-minded and backward. So, while we are in the business of disowning our children, I think I’ll take this moment to say goodbye to you. I now have a fabulous (as the gay put it) grandson to raise, and I don’t have time for [a] heartless B-word of a daughter.

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