Are You Native American! Do You HAVE Letter “M “On The Palm!


If you have the letter M on your palm, there is something very special about you… Millions of people around the world look to the lines on their palms talk to discover about their character and destiny. It has recently been revealed that those who have the letter M on the palm are said to be very special indeed.

If you have this feature on your palm then you are said to be especially gifted, you possess great intuition and have an entrepreneurial spirit.People with this on their palm are not the type who lie. And they don’t appreciate being lied to. Due to high levels of intuition they will always catch you out if you lie or cheat.

Women who have letter M on the palm generally are said to have stronger intuition than men. Letter ‘M’ people have the power to make the necessary changes they need in life. So it is vital to seize the opportunities that arise.

According to folk tradition many well known people from the past including prophets and great leaders had this sign on their palm.

If do have this letter ‘M’ on your palm, each time you look down at it, let it remind you that you are a special person and are capable of achieving anything you want in life.


  1. Yes I have the letter M in bout hands I also feel vibes and I use to read cards pretty often I just stoped because I felt some thing strong and it scared me

  2. I have the letter M in my right palm and from a child I knew when something was wrong. I would have dreams that came true even as an adult I still have dreams mine is as the Bible speaks that I beleive in to be true. I have dreams and visions God warns me of things thru each of these things.

  3. I have the M in my palms in both my hands I have always been told am a special person and one of a kind now I know it’s true.always talented with my hands to creating things making things come alive with my both 👐 hands.

  4. I have the letter m on both my palms and know when something is going to happen and no I cant stand a liar and I know when I am being lied to

  5. I have it on my hands i channel. I cleanse houses and close doors that should not be opened. My grandmother passed it to me my ancestors were of many shamans. It is a gift for the most part. But at times can wear me down, drain me for days. It is the great spirit that gives me the gift of vision and i am a vessel in which he impowers.

  6. I, have an m on both hands too! & I’ve always known that I am a gifted person… Cherokee & Souix on my mom’s side, Cherokee, Blackfoot, & other on my father’s side! Real truth…. thanks


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