Owner Desperately Tries To Save Her Tiny Pet From Pit Bull Who Viciously Attacks Them


There is an old debate over Pit Bull dogs, whether they are dangerous or not. However, it is widely proven none of the dogs harms you until or unless you do something exasperating thing in front of them. However, what can a pooch do that made this Pit Bull so mad at him that he attacked the pooch and her owner viciously?

In the broad daylight on the street of United States, a Pit Bull ferociously attacked a little pooch. The owner of the little pooch was yelling aloud and trying to save her poor pet. However, the Pit Bull was strong and had locked his jaw on the puppy. Even the owner was trying hard to restrain his dog but god knows what was going in the Pit Bull’s head.

Many of the people started kicking and dragging the Pit bull to loosen up his jaw lock over the pooch, but it was quite tough. After few minutes of intense brawl, the crowd was finally able to separate the furious Pit bull from the little pooch. Along with the petrified pooch, its owner got a bloody nose, and she was crying in terror. The sudden ferocious behaviour of the Pit bull gave a she shock to her. To comfort her, many of the onlookers tried to calm her.

Whether Pit Bulls are dangerous or not, it is an outdated debate. Pit Bulls are considered as fighting dogs as they are a mixed breed of Bulldogs and Terriers, which are widely known for their fighting strength and skills. But, it is not about the breed, it depends on the owner. If the owner is not disciplined or strong enough to handle him, I think they should not be allowed to keep Pit Bulls.

Although they are not poor puppies to whom you will kick off and they will not mind, but still they are dogs. If you treat and train them well, while raising them up, I am sure, they will not harm anyone. So be responsible owner to avoid nasty situations.

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  1. The pit shouldn’t be put down, the owner should! If taking his pit out in public he should have put a muzzle on the dog. Muzzles do not hurt them and just for safety reason should be put on. Not all pits are like this, this owner should of at some point of owning this dog had an inkling that he had this aggressive thing towards other animals

  2. The pitt should not be put down , the owner should , makes u wonder what he has been doing with the pit because they just don’t attack for no reason like any dog you have to train the dog, and he trained the dog to do that or was training it for dog fights. its funny it attacked the dog and not a person only when she was trying to get her dog away from the pit so yea i would be taking a long look at the owner .


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