Place A Few Leaves Of This Plant In Every Corner Of Your House And You Will Never See A Single Cockroach Again


Cockroaches are nasty insects, which are normally associated with dirt and garbage. They have a very high power of adaptation, and hence you can find them in virtually every part of the world. In fact they’re among the world’s most resistant species as they can withstand high levels of radiation and can go without food for over a month.

Cockroaches are omnivores, and that’s why you’ll find them everywhere, eating anything that comes their way. Besides feeding on garbage, these insects leave chemical traces through their stool as a way of easily finding sources of food and water.

There’s no better natural cockroach repellent than bay leaves. The smell of this herb is so unbearable that cockroaches can’t stand it; it just drives them away , but doesn’t kill them.You just need to place 10 bay leaves in the garden, in the kitchen, or in every corner of the house and you’ll see those insects roaming around. They’re ideal around food storage areas such as kitchen or pantry, since they’re safe and non-toxic.

It’s advisable to put bay leaves in the garden if you’ve children and pets, so that you can drive away cockroaches without worrying about the children’s or pet’s safety. While you can use dry or fresh bay leaves, the best way is to use bay leaves crushed into powder, as they’re much stronger when used that way.

In addition to feeding on garbage, cockroaches leave chemical traces through their stool. In this way, they can easily find sources of water or food. That is a way of communication between them and that’s the main reason why they are all installed in a certain place. Amazing, I know… But we will help you to get rid of these nasty insects once and for all.

If you want to get rid of cockroaches that present in your home, we recommend you try this trick which is very effective. This is a good choice if you have small children or pets, because you will avoid industrial and dangerous poisons.

The most powerful cockroaches repellent – Bay leaves
Bay leaves are the best natural cockroach repellent. This herb can’t kill them, but it the drives them away quickly because the smell is unbearable for the cockroach. Place laurel branches in every corner of the house.Place ten bay leaves in the garden or in the kitchen and you will never see cockroaches roaming around. They are perfect for the areas where food is stored such as kitchen or pantry because they are safe and non-toxic.

We also suggest putting bay leaves in your garden especially if you have a pet. This way you will get rid of cockroaches without worrying about your kids or pets safety.You can use fresh bay leaves or dry. But the best way to use these leaves is to crush dry leaves and make a powder. They release a much stronger smell used this way.

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