A Real Life Drive-able BMW Transformer


This time we suspected that the Transformers establishment was anecdotal, yet things being what they are those goliath doing combating robots are genuine. Try not to trust us? At that point investigate these video and be set up to have your entire world flipped around!It was made by a Turkish organization called Letrons, and as should be obvious, it’s a completely useful Transformer!

Well alright, perhaps not FULLY practical. That is to say, it doesn’t fight Decepticons, or fly, or, well, move, at any rate not when it’s in robot mode, in spite of the fact that you can in any case drive it around through remote control when its in auto mode. Need one? Who doesn’t. We can’t disclose to you the amount they cost however we’re speculating they’re not shabby.

Look at their site for more points of interest, and in the event that you choose to make a request, please ask them for our sake to make an existence measure Optimus Prime next.

Click to WATCH: A Real Life Drive-able BMW Transformer


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