This Strange Disease Is Making A Comeback In America. Avoid This Animal At All Costs


Leprosy or Hansen’s disease is a notorious but rare disease, and there are typically 50 to 100 cases in the United States every year, according to Dr. Sunil Joshi, the president –elect of Florida’s Duval County Medical Society.

In most years, around four to ten of those cases occur in Florida. Last year, there were 27 confirmed cases of leprosy in the Sunshine State – and five more cases were reported during the first five weeks of 2016.

According to Joshi, the increase in cases is likely due to increased contact with armadillos.The nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus) is one of the few creatures that can carry the bacterium that causes leprosy.

Armadillos can also be found throughout the whole state of Florida.Dr. Joshi went on to explain that the increased development in Florida is disrupting the armadillos’ habitats and habits.

Armadillos are typically nocturnal, but more are coming out in the daytime. They are about the size of domestic cats, and their strange appearance can encourage people to examine them up close.

Armadillos can carry other diseases, including rabies, and they are also destructive burrowers.The Florida Department of Health advises people to avoid touching armadillos and to keep their pets away from them.

If somebody spots an armadillo or signs of an armadillo burrow, like a hole about the size of a football surrounded by mounds of dirt, they should call a professional pest control service to have them removed.

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  1. No, you do not have to have them (armadillos) removed, they may carry the disease, but unless you plan on putting them on a plate you have nothing to worry about. The disease can only be spread by eating them. They do not bite and touching them isn’t going to give you the disease.

    Way to go, humans, how long before people start to kill these poor creatures out of fear and panic.

    • They are already highly endangered… hopefully only the bloody poachers will catch anything from them. People are so stupid and cruel!

      • Armadillos are far from endangered in this country (U.S.) They have spread as far north as Missouri in recent years. They are considered a pest.

      • They are not endangered and nobody poaches them. Do they wear armadillo coats in Hollyweird? Who do you know that eats them? What would anyone do with a dead armadillo?

    • You should check your facts before posting things Nuria you can in fact get the disease from handling them. If they are properly cooked you cannot get the disease from eating them. Do some research.

  2. Years ago, my uncle became very ill by trying to skin one, he was cut and ended up in the hospital for ages….

  3. If it is true that you can’t be affected baby touching them then whoever wrote this article should be made to edit it by putting that in there because, as Nuria said, it will only cause people to start killing these harmless creatures.

  4. Sorry Nuria, you can get this disease from them by touch and Not from eating them unless you eat them RAW? Also, just so you know they are not always inclined to bite bite but after 37yrs of studying and rescuing them from bad situations I have been bitten only once! Certain ones are quite endangered but mostly due to their lack of knowledge concerning motor vehicles and being hunted for food in a lot of states! They do however dig ferociously in and around garden and foundation areas that can destroy a pool or even the base of your home so if you see them digging burrows in your garden and you’re not afraid of them, no problem but if they start foraging or burrowing near or at your foundation my advice would be to have it removed by an animal control expert who doesn’t kill animals but instead safely releases them in a more suitable area or uninhabited place? They are quite invasive yet only by nature not due to a hatred of people, they are actually quite peaceful creatures but extremely shy!

  5. This is crazy, I’ve lived here since 92, they live among us, I’ve never had a problem with them. People will find every excuse to harm a innocent creature, leave them alone and they will leave you alone, their not aggressive, they are amazing!!

  6. If they are harmless what do these guys have and where did they get it and why is it increasing since the armadillos are increasing ? Answers from an expert please.

  7. If you live in Louisiana I can assure you they are not endangered neither are Nutria. Both are a big nuisance and can cause a lot of damage. Personally I could never eat either.

  8. I have Armidillos come around my home all the time they are distructive and I do see them in early am and they are big, always havng to fill the tunnels that go under my home, whichs is a manufacturd and so now i have put chicken wire about 2 feet around areas they may dig. Its frustrating,


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